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What are some good tips to anyone who goes to ebay? Hopefully I posted it in the right area

Jan 30 at 6:56:22 PM
Nascarbrake90 (0)

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So Recently I was given the ok by my parents to let me get buy stuff on ebay so I was wondering to anyone who buys stuff from ebay what are some good tips that you do to get your games?

Much Appreciated  


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Jan 31 at 2:39:42 AM
Vivi-gamer (5)
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If its a PS1/PS2 game it is always best to enquire about the condition of the disc - Even if it says Very Good, I have often been dissapointed to find it arrives trashed. So ask if the disc is Near Mint. If the item does arrive Trashed, what I now do is ask for a £2 compensation fee to go to a professional disc cleaners. PS3/PS4 are Blurays so luckily if they have marks most of them come off with the wipe of a cotton pad - If it is scratched i'd return it right away.

The other notion to stress is PATIENCE. If you see a game you're interested in and it is too pricey, keep note it and search fequently, as an eBay seller I knwo if I put an item on I often price compare and aim to beat current sellers - so putting it at a lowwer price. I've jumped the gun a few times on items but overall I have gained a lot of good stuff on eBay ove the years - Be sure to post your finds on the PlayStation Purchases Thread  


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Jan 31 at 3:03:02 AM
MeteorBear (0)
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Be patient. I keep tabs on about 10 games at a time, I just watch and wait for the price to come down on one of them. The longer you keep tabs on going prices the better informed you are when you do see a deal. This past month was pretty good on Ebay, at least the games I was looking at.

Jan 31 at 3:53:17 AM
hammerfestus (8)
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Like the others have said, patience is your best friend. I've watched stuff for months or more and then one morning I'll check and bam! there's the deal I've been waiting for. Also, be aware of what I mean by deal. With eBay suggesting prices to sellers for most items usually you're at best talking 10 - 20% below FMV most of the time. Unless of course you find something in a lot. That's where i find the real magic happens.

Also, be aware of shipping costs. Find that $10 game you were looking for for $7? That's great until you consider that it's also got $5 in shipping charges. Now that deals not looking so great. Should've snagged that one you saw for $9 with free shipping.

Good luck and have fun.

Jan 31 at 2:24:31 PM
Sword Dude (0)
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If your just looking for few items especially when their not to pricy I'd say don't wait to long. Time and enjoyment can be far more valuable than saving some money and waiting for months unless it is super rare and 75 -  100+ $ expensive or something in wich case you will most likely pay some decent money regardless since some games do not sell for the cheaper prices or something below unless you are willing to wait for a very long time and even than chances are not guaranteed that you will find it since there are many others who do the same thing.

Patience is key but if your looking for specific stuff chances are you will have a bad time and will not find it at a good price especially very sought after stuff, You might find items for a good or bargain price when you do not need them that's how it usually works in allot of cases, if you on the otherhand have a very wide spread of what your looking for than yes patience can be golden.

You could also go the emulation route, Gameplay wise it is the best thing to do in my honest opinion many speed runners and hardcore players in general will most likely say that emulation is better than the original aside from the low expenses ,not to mention that thanks to different consoles, better grapics and sound options are available instead of spending tons for using them games on the original hardware with the right equipment and potentially lesser results. For cheaper games most will still use original hardware but overall the differences are pretty minimal if not there anymore in the current era if your doing it right. You don't need the space to store stuff you do not have to worry about stuff breaking down except for the console wich is not that expensive and you do not need to spend tons of money on games.

If you are a starting collector or someone who just wants to play games from the past especially if If you don´t have to much to spend I would pretty much only recommend emulation since you have acces to the actual good games instead of crappy ones if you collect on a budget. Their are some exceptions to the rule as far as getting good deals go when you know where to look but for most this is not the case since people are pretty competitive for the actual good- bargain deals.

Unless you are willing to stick with the cheaper good games your missing out on allot in my opinion or you will probably need to spend a good amount. Than again as far as ps1 goes classics as tekken and metal gear are affordable just to name some examples and if you are willing to go platinum the spyro and crash bandicoot games are not to expensive especially without the manual and such. You could go for everything cheap some people really enjoy some random titles on the ps1 than yes I´d say original is a possibillity.

I would personally only recommend going original  if you have enough money to spend and if you are really dedicated to go for it since than you have acces to the best stuff aside from the cheaper classics. obviously everyone can have other thoughts as far as collecting or playing old games goes.


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