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PlayStation Collecting's - GAME OF THE YEAR 2014 Results And The Platinum Goes To...

Jan 1, 2015 at 4:29:52 AM
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Well 2015 has arrived and the voting for the 2014 Game of the Year has now official closed! Thanks for the people who got involved and voted, here is a summary of the votes:
GAME OF THE YEAR 2014 - RESULTS: Total Votes 15
Child of Light
 1 votes  6.67%
Dark Souls II
 0 votes  0.00%
 1 votes  6.67%
Freedom Wars
 1 votes  6.67%
inFamous: Second Son
 2 votes  13.33%
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
 1 votes  6.67%
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
 1 votes  6.67%
South Park: The Stick of Truth
 6 votes  40.00%
Tales of Xillia 2
 1 votes  6.67%
Ys: Memories of Celecta
 1 votes  6.67%

So the winner of PlayStation Collecting's Game of the Year Goes to:

Certainly a surprise to me, it's a game I haven't even played however I can appreicate that it is a game which desrves recognition due to being a successful liscensed game - which really is a rare achievement in gaming. I don't have to much to say on the game having not played it, but here is what 'Paul F' told us about why he voted for the game:
Originally posted by: Paul F

I've had so much FUN playing this game, I think I may being playing far too many serious games recently to remember that games can be funny as well as enjoyable. If you've never played it before it's effectively an episode of South Park dressed up as an RPG. I never liked South Park when it first came out, it was only when I started watching it's later humour and the clever parody episodes that I started to enjoy it, and this is where the game is set. I was laughing straight from the start, I ran into Cartmans house and try to talk to a NPC Cartmans Mum, on doing so Cartman shouts "don't talk to her, she's not in the game!" which had me laughing.

I know there were a few complaints about glitches but my updated version ran fine. The combat was great too, you add people to your part via a fake Facebook, and the combat is similar to Paper Mario where you can gain critical hits by tapping the button at the right time. There's loads of secrets and extras too, plus a s well as clever humour there's still classic South Park toilet humour if that's your thing.

Knowing what games were being released this year there was no way I would've thought this game would of been my choice for 2014 but I urge you all to try it, even if you don't like South Park its a great game.
2014 I think was really the transition period from PS3 to PS4, there are only a handful of titles of worth coming to PS3 in 2015, most which are ports and running on the PS4 anyway. It's the year I decided to plunge and buy my PS4 and from thinking that the year was rather thin on releases, looking at my PS4 colleciton so far, I must admit I am content with it, there arent many titles that I am utterly eager to play, but there are many curiousities like Watch Dogs, Wolvenstien: The New Order and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which I am looking forward to playing.

But with 2015 looking to be a very busy year for gaming, I think we have plenty to look forward to, the competition at the end of this year will be much tougher. I wish everyone at PlayStation Collecting a Happy New Year and look forward to our discussions through what looks to be a very promising year indeed.

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