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Phantasy Star IV

Mar 14 at 4:41:49 PM
MeteorBear (0)
< Kratos >
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This is a game I really wanted to love but after about 8 or 10 hours I am going to drop it. Its got great graphics, easy and intuative menu system, battles were not too easy and pretty good music. Im not sure why I cant seem to get excited about it other than I have a pretty low tolerance for JRPG's. I love the idea of them but often most I just cant get into. 
The few exceptions are the SMT titles and FFVII and to a lesser extent VI. 
Next I would like to try FF IX and Dragon Warrior VII. 

I remember I bought Tales of Destiny when it came out, same with Valkerie profile and found both of them completely boring, which is sad because they looked so cool. 

I know why I like the SMT titles, the difficulty, the setting, the combat system, the music and the Demon fusion all keep me going. FFVII is a little different, its more the characters, the music and the beautiful world they created, the materia system also keeps the combat somewhat interesting (though I think its combat is the games weakest aspect). 

If anyone has any good recommendations for JRPG's for either the PS1 or PS2 im all ears. 

Mar 14 at 5:21:07 PM
Vivi-gamer (5)
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United Kingdom
Funnily enough , ihave gone back to play an old JRPG in Final Fantasy V -I've never played it before and been meanign to for years, with the new releases suddenly depleting, I've had a moment to finally go back to it. I'm playing the GBA version, which when emulated looks fantastic on my 1080p 32' screen! I can also sit back with my PS4 controller too so it's a great set up.

As for PS1/PS2 JRPG's, if you're finding some boring maybe try a more action based one? Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic blend of JRPG mechanics and action combat - The PS4 Remix HD Collection is even better!

For the PS2, You have Dragon Quest VIII - I have a big turn off for silent protagonists, but it seems like a great game. Also the DS hosts DQ 4,5,6,7,8 & 9 Which is a great way to experience them!

I'm guessing you'e played Persona 3 & 4?

I'm ashamed to admit I'ev not playe as many JRPGs outside Squaresoft that i'd like - I have Grandia and the Legend of Dragoon on my backlog.


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Mar 15 at 2:14:25 AM
MeteorBear (0)
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I havent played Persona 3 or 4 or 5 for that matter. I looked at them before but I have a hard time getting past the looks of the game and the concept of the friendship minigame stuff.

I do plan on getting Wizardry tales of the forsaken land for PS2, thats something I always wanted to check out when I was younger and it ticks a lot of my like boxes. FF IX look good too... there was one other I tried years ago and never really gave it much of a chance... it had a character called Kos Mos in it for the PS2, a space RPG trilogy, I might look into that again. For DQ im not sure whether to try out 7 or 8 first, 8 graphically looks amazing and maybe a little easier to get into, where as 7 sounds like a better battle system having 4 characters and a job system.

I still need to complete Digital Devil Saga, im about half way through the first one, its good but no Nocturne or Strange Journey and I would really like to play something amazing. Maybe I will just replay FF VII, its been over a decade since last time I went through it and the game really is something special.

Apr 23 at 9:53:04 AM
estepan (0)

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Really an excellent game, even today. This is the best role-playing game I played with ffx. with an excellent scenario, graphics very good. very charismatic characters, secondary quests, a good fighting system with possible combinations.

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