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Ps1 mini screen not working? / issues Just trying to get an idea

Sep 5, 2017 at 8:22:24 AM
Dackfaid (17)

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So I just luckily found a ps1 mini with the screen yesterday at a flea market for $5. So I came home and didn't have the correct 7.5v plug.  I wanted to see if it would just turn on.  I put a Sega plug into it. It turns on but the screen has lines.  Is this due to the incorrect power cord? Also I left it plugged in for like 5 min by mistake. It got really hot and the top of the screen cover caved in a little.  It bummed me out.  Are these easy to fix? Is this a comon problem? It's a really cool little thing and I'd love to play games on it.  I'll try and attach photos.  Thanks a lot.

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