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Sharing my PSP Collecting Guide and Excel Checklist Recently made an update, wanted to share it here.

Sep 30 at 3:18:29 AM
MrPSXGuy (0)

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Hi all,
Just wanted to notify everyone that I've created a new update to my US physical UMD game collecting guide and spreadsheet. I originally posted this to NintendoAge years ago when I first completed the US set. The updates I've added since version 1.3 three years ago include:

Collecting Guide:
  • Updated grammar/structure.
  • Removed material regarding Fifa ’14 in light of physical US release found in retail.
  • Clarified materials needed for Hilton Family disc play based on recently discovered materials
  • Increased the full set U.S. game count by one to 612 in light of recently found Fifa ’14 physical release.
  • Updated GaijiinWorks section to reflect Class of Heroes 3 not being released in physical form due to pressing plants shutting down prior to release.
  • Added Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep decal preorder bonus.

UMD Collection Checklist Spreadsheet:
  • Fixed typos.
  • Added WWE All Stars, Atari Classics Evolved, Guily Gear XX, and Monster Jam: Path to Destruction to Favorites section.
  • Added Fifa 14 to Games List, increasing total count to 612.
  • Updated Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines Greatest Hits to exist, although rare.
  • Added info to denote misprint version of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike.

The link to the collecting guide and checklist are below. Please feel free to send me any feedback and to let me know if you find any mistakes or things that should be added (pre-order bonuses not listed, unofficial favorites not listed, strategy guide updates, etc.). Thanks goes out to u/PSPMan3000 for helping me verify some items and prodding me to pay attention to the PSP again after almost 3 years.
Happy collecting!

LINK: PSP Collecting Guide and Spreadsheet (Dropbox Folder Link)

Oct 11 at 11:21:29 AM
Paul F (10)
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