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March 03, 2019
My Essentials for the year

2nd Xbox Controller
Replacement disc for Return Fire
Pound Technology HDMI PS1 cable
Thief- Deadly Shadows 
Wizardry- Tales of forsaken lands
Eternal Ring
Dragon Warrior 7
Silent Hill


September 02, 2018
Some much needed catchup for my game collection

My collection of games is pretty good, in that I mean if I was to stop collecting tomorrow I would be pretty happy with selection. My PS3 has a dead blue tooth and My PS2 freezes occasionally, stutters and leaves a circular scuff marks on PS1 games.  I think here is a good time to catch up on some wishlist stuff not related to new games.

2nd power cord for PS3 controller
Replacement disc for Return Fire
Nicer boxed version of Kings Field 
Old style PS2
Slim PS3
2nd old style PS1
PS1 Link Cable
Strategy Guide for SMT Nocturne