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June 09, 2012
Initial Site Import a Success!

Following are notes about the import:

- Import Users
- Import and Convert Blog Users to Normal Users
- Import Home Page Blog
- BBML-to-HTML Convert Home Page Blog
- Import Categories
- Import Topics
- Import Topic Subscriptions
- Import Topic Bookmarks
- Import Friends & Foes
- Import Posts
- BBML-to-HTML Convert Posts
- Import Attachments
- Import Signatures
- BBML-to-HTML Convert Signatures
- Import Avatars
- Import IP addresses (join + posts)
- Import Consoles & Synchronize
- Import Private messages
- Import PS1
- Import PS2
- Import PS3
- Import PSP
- Import Feedback
- Create Transactions from Feedback

To Do:
- Import databases other than Sony (in progress) ETA: June 16
- Import database images (in progress) ETA: June 16
- Import collections (pending non-Sony database import) ETA: June 16
- PSC image signature feature (pending collection import) ETA: June/July
- Expand native search/database to accomodate certain PSC criteria ETA: ongoing

- Import forum polls
- Import home page blog comments
- Update Android app with new structure / update structure for Android app

- Please check your timezone information to ensure it's correct, as we had some minor issues on a few records when importing. To do this, go to My Home > Profile Settings > Perosonal Information.
- Any messages in your drafts folder were not imported. If you need any of this, contact Dain.
- Please check your signatures. BBML to HTML conversion is always flaky, so ensure your sig is correct. My Home > Profile Settings > Perosonal Information.
- Please check your avatar to ensure it's also correct. To do this, go to My Home > Edit Avatar.
- Please check your Friends & Foes. To do this, go to My Home > Friends & Foes.
- Transactions were created based on Feedback, however, this was not perfect. Keep in mind feedback on the new site is based on TOTAL DISTINCT USERS, not total transactions.