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Hello everybody. It has been a while.. well, not for me.. i have been posting to the old board.. LOL.. I guess that will teach me to not read my emails.. LOL 

Ok, let's start from White Knight Chronicles. In my  previous blog post i mentioned how disappointed I was in this game... and i still am. But, as it turns out, i was right about the online aspect of the game. There is a LOT of fun to be had in playing the various quests online. If only they had ironed out all the bugs before release.. Btw, I am GumbyNeeley on there are well.. look me up.

I found a copy of Ogre Battle in the wrapper on ebay. I had previously seen copies go for as low as $70 so i wanted to catch this copy if possible. The bid got down to the last minute and was still at $100.. So i threw a bid of 120 on it.. then 140.. then 150.. lol. It settled out at 155. Sometimes they go cheap and sometimes expensive.. Rhyme or reason? There is none.. lol.. Instead i purchased a copy of Persona 2 in the wrapper. I got it for $74 shipped. It just got here yesterday and it is perfect. SCORE! lol.. Also, I was recently at the game store checking prices and ran across a copy of Bully CE for the PS2. I had never seen this before and since the price was only $20 i picked it up. It contains a mini comic, a rockstar sticker and a dodgeball all in a locker style box. I have no idea what it's worth, but it's kinda cool.. lol

ok, off to work.. happy gaming all!

and with this game it's apparantly the first name...
Today I picked up three games for my PS2 collection and one of those three really stood out to me.

Limited Edition Ultimate Spider-Man, that's what the spine says of this nice and shiny Spider-Man game. I've never seen a game put the words "limited edition" (or collectors/special for that matter) in front of the game's title on the spine. It looks awkward and how am I supposed to file this game now? If i put it according to alphabet I should put it at the L of limited edition, but the game is called Ultimate Spider-Man.. so it should be at the U right?

The other two games I bought to complete a set (Jak) and because the artwork looked cool (Crimson tears). No clue if the Crimson Tears game is any good actually, anyone here played it?

Are there any other games that have the strange naming like Limited Edition Ultimate Spider-Man? respond if you know more!