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Heavy Rain was promoted to be an interactive film experience, a game-movie where your choices in the game will truly change the outcome of the story.

Is this game truly as ground breaking as it was promised to be or did Quantic Dream bite off more then they could chew?

Press the more button and find out!

The first thing about Heavy Rain that stood out to me is the origami folding lesson you get during the installation of the game. It teaches you how to fold the signature origami figure (see poster) of the Origami Killer and keeps you busy during the lengthy installation procedure. Around the time you've completed your figure the game is ready to go. Because this game is so heavily story driven I will try to spoil as little as possible, so don't be afraid to read on ;)

The visuals in Heavy Rain are amazing! 99% of the textures are extremely detailed and crisp and the facial animations are unprecedented. They really make you feel with your characters and they truly show and transfer their emotions through the screen.
The different area's in the game are very detailed and diverse, from a shopping mall and a police station to a virtual reality world on mars and a dirty garage.

Heavy Rain is a very unorthodox game, you don't really control your character but you "guide" him/her and interact with objects and people with quick time events and icons that show your options. For instance when you open a cabinet (by making a semi-circle with your right analog stick) you get a number of icons which show your options, moving your right analog stick up will make you reach for the painkillers, moving it left will make you take the bandages etc.
In action scenes you're not just using the right analog stick but also the shoulder and action buttons. You have to press the button on screen as fast as possible in these quick time events, like the way you do in God of War.
The main gameplay element that makes Heavy Rain special are the choices you have to make in conversations and actions. Will you respond calm or agressive towards your superior? Will you reason with the robber or will you shoot him? All these choices affect the game in a drastic manner. It can result in the death of main characters, missing out scenes and creating a whole different ending to the game. I have tested this by playing a chapter where you face a robber a few times and by making different choices I really did get different results, by slowly picking up a bottle on my way to the robber I got to knock him out before he could cause any harm. But when I replayed it and dropped the bottle the robber noticed me and I had to reason with him in order to not get shot. During this reasoning I could choose to be agressive towards him or compassionate which both resulted in a different ending of the scene.

Heavy Rain is all about the story. Without spoiling too much I can see that it is an emotional thriller that really makes you question your ethics and behavior in the game. Every time you make a choice you will wonder if you did the right thing, especially in the scenes where you decide between life and death.
Thanks to the great voice acting (which is a little accented sometimes, but that didn't bother me) and the amazing facial features you really feel for the four main characters Ethan, Norman, Scott and Madison which makes it more gripping to see them succeed or fail in their goals.

For me personally Heavy Rain has been a hell of a ride and I will definately replay it a couple of times to see different endings, but I do realise that this game isn't made for the majority of gamers. With it's slow start, vast amount of cutscenes and indirect control over the characters this game is not the adrenaline thrill ride most MW2-lovers would dig.
But if you're up for a heavy emotional thriller that will suck you in and not let you go untill you've seen the end and you're not afraid to get used to the unorthodox controls Heavy Rain will be one of the best games you'll ever get to play!
Look what the mail man brought me yesterday!

I was selected to recieve a promo copy from Sony and I'm looking forward to playing and reviewing this game next week!

Will start playing the game tomorrow (don't have a PS3 at my parents house), so stay tuned this week for the early review of this high roller PS3 title!