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That's right, a new shiny copy of Lunar Silver Star Harmony is in my possession. It was only 2 days late here in Winnipeg too. Worth the wait!

This game is essentially just a remake of Lunar Silver Star Story, however it looks fantastic on the PSP. Lunar has been told a few different ways now, through the Saturn and PS1, now on the PSP. It follows the characters we all know and love, Alex, Luna, etc... They set out on a care-free adventure which eventually leads to them having to save the world from evil, as is most RPG's.

The remake of this game follows the narrative of the original to a tee, adding a few new scenes to help fill in some of the blanks. One thing that caught me off guard was the opening scene where you control Dragonmaster Dyne and his companions against Eiphel and company to save Althena. This fades into a young Alex and Luna listening to a bedtime story. Then you're right back where you normally start looking out over the cliff standing with Dynes monument.

The good old anime cutscenes are still just as they were from day one, but the rest of the graphics have gotten the luxury spa treatment. The isometric graphics of everything from the towns to the characters to the enemies has that old 16/32 bit RPG feel to it, but have that modern touch. The list of monsters in the game is just as weird as ever, making it one of the more unique encounters you'll have fighting enemies.

Speaking of fighting enemies, some remakes seem to lose out on the old school mentality that grinding is just as much part of the game as the story, but not this one. The in battle menus (as well as out of battle menus) are greatly improved. This makes battles less tedious and more fun. There are many times where you are forced to grind your way through certain stages of the game, but this is made easy with the AI button. Just as in the past you are able to customize different aspects of your character so when you choose this button, they act fairly reasonably. I haven't had a moment where they do the opposite of what you would do, causing you to nearly snap the PSP in half. This helps take the dull sting of repetitive battles out of the game, but I wouldn't delve into this until you are completely used to the controls.

As for the extras you get when buying the premium edition, I think they are totally worth it. Especially when you consider that the premium edition is only $5-$10 more then the normal one.

You get a soundtrack to the game, which I haven't opened, nor do I plan on it. There's no song listing on the back so I can't really touch to much on it.

The 13 Bromide cards that feature the girls of Lunar have a picture on the front as well as a brief bio on the back so for those of you who have always wondered what Luna's height, weight and measurements are (really, her measurements) this is the pack for you. Keep in mind for those of you who might need to keep the kleenex near by that Luna is only 15. But for you who just can't help but ask, here it is... (lol)

Height 5'5"
Weight 106 lbs
Measurements 31/21/31 in

Anyways, after that awkward moment...

All in all this is a great remake in my books, and if you need something that has a bit of nostalgia to it to satisfy that RPG sweet tooth of yours, go pick yourself up a copy.
The fifth of march 2000 was a memorable day for gamers all around the world. Our now beloved Playstation 2 got released in Japan and went on to change the future of gaming!

After launching worldwide, the console has gone on to sell over 140 million units globally, making it the best selling home console. Ten years in, the console is still alive and kicking. There are still video games being released on it!

What better what to say "Happy birthday, PS2!", than by naming your favorite PS2 title. What are you waiting for? Get to it!