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Look what the mail man brought me yesterday!

I was selected to recieve a promo copy from Sony and I'm looking forward to playing and reviewing this game next week!

Will start playing the game tomorrow (don't have a PS3 at my parents house), so stay tuned this week for the early review of this high roller PS3 title!
I learned about Jojo's Bizarre Adventures a few years back when a friend showed me a crazy youtube video of some of the combo's that are possible in this game. A while back I found this pretty rare game at a local flea market, so now I can judge wether the game only looks great or plays great as wel!

I'm not a good fighter, not in real life nor in video games. But I do enjoy my fighters when it comes to gaming!

I grew up with classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 and always loved to learn, excecute and watch the most incredible combo's. For that same reason I love the Marvel vs and Samurai Shodown series, combo's combo's and more combo's!

Jojo is a pretty straight forward fighter based on a Japanese Anime show with the same name. It has a story mode that (i think) follows the series and a versus mode where you can battle the CPU or a second player. With every fight or episode that you complete you gain credits, which you can use to buy new characters and outfits etc.
The roster of fighters is pretty diverse, with different agile, strong, ranged or combination players.

The thing that makes Jojo different from most fighters is the "stand". Most characters have a "stand" which is an avatar that you can call with the X button. This avatar performs combo's, fights and blocks for you. However this stand has a life bar of it's own, leaving you vulnerable for a moment when it gets destroyed.
The controls are very simple, with the square, triangle, circle being light/medium/heavy attacks and the shoulder buttons combinations of those three. The trick of Jojo's is learning how to use your character and stand at the same time, performing incredible combo's and special moves.

The animations in the game are pretty good, they're quite grainy for today's standards, but it is a PS1 game we're talking about here. The combo's and full screen special moves look stunning and make it a treat for the eyes to slam someone to his death.
The Japanese voice acting is as over the top as the graphics are, but it adds to the atmosphere of the game.
Gameplay wise the game is solid, the charactar responds well to your commands and the special moves come out pretty easily without breaking your thumbs.

Personally this game is in my top 5 fighters of all time, I really recommend this game to everyone who likes fighting games and isn't turned off by some very absurd characters (a chiuaua with a sand monster for instance) and anime style characters.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Combo's