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Heyo, Playstation Collecting Community, I'm McKillington, fellow playstation enthusiast and general fan of retro gaming. My favorite Sony console is the PSP, believe it or not, and collecting UMDs is fun for me. I live not too far from several used game shops, so I'll post my findings regularly. My favorite genre is RPGs, and though I'm writing for a community of collectors, I focus on finding great, obscure games more often than rare games.

Recent Findings:
This week, while browsing my favorite game store, Game Boss, I came upon some nice finds. Aside from the usual, such as the copy of Shaq Fu that's been there since the store opened, I noticed some boxed Playstation 1 games. That's right, complete PS1 games in the old long boxes. Classics like Wipeout and Resident Evil were originally packaged in long cardboard boxes. While I had to pass up on buying the games out of impulse (had to buy an AC adapter for my dying Genesis), it was an interesting sight, even though the only one that looked good was Wipeout, and the rest were forgettable.

So, hope to see you soon again on this blog and in the meantime don't forget to check out ! is growing and expanding it's reach :)

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