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Hello dear readers!

I am Costa and I will be frequently writing on this blog.
Check you all soon!!
Sunday is always the best day for finding games in the wild. Due to the lack of second-hand stores in my area, my hunting happens mostly on sunday mornings and that doesn't rhyme with my passion for sleeping.. but a man has got to make choices!

I went to Aarle-Rixtel today with my girlfriend, we heard that there was a market in a gymnastics hall which we decided to check out. Usually my 6th sense (the gaming one, not the dead people one) tells me whether it will be a good or a bad day for me. When there are a lot of older people behind the tables, the chance to find games gets smaller.
However if I see a lot of young parents, my chances go up! Either they're selling their childhood stuff, which can be any of the 80's / 90's games & consoles or they are selling their children's stuff, which can be 90's and up games :)

Today, I had a bad feeling when I walked into the gym. A lot of old folks and the tables that had some younger people were mainly filled with second-hand clothes.
After strolling through 3/4th of the hall I finally stumbled upon the first few games.. 3 different FIFA games for the PS2 and some Need for Speed titles, nothing that i hadn't seen a 100 times already. (seriously, if i had a nickle every time i see a FIFA game.. I'd be rich!)
I was facing the possibility that I would go home empty-handed, when I came across a guy selling a Sega Megadrive with some games. Had a little chat with him about the system and the games when I asked him if he had any more games with him.

He did have some extra games with him in a box behind the table and

he pulled them up to show me what he had. In a glimpse my day turned bright! There were about 15 Playstation 1 games in the box, a lot of common stuff but also Wipeout 3 Special Edition and Theme Hospital!

I loved Theme Hospital as a kid ! Never liked tycoon games at all, but my interest for medicine and the over-the-top illnesses in this game made it one of my favourites. I remember it getting really hard after the first few levels, which prevented me from finishing it as a kid. However I now have a new chance to complete this game and become a hospital tycoon!

Let's cure those bloated heads and invisible guys!