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Sunday is always the best day for finding games in the wild. Due to the lack of second-hand stores in my area, my hunting happens mostly on sunday mornings and that doesn't rhyme with my passion for sleeping.. but a man has got to make choices!

I went to Aarle-Rixtel today with my girlfriend, we heard that there was a market in a gymnastics hall which we decided to check out. Usually my 6th sense (the gaming one, not the dead people one) tells me whether it will be a good or a bad day for me. When there are a lot of older people behind the tables, the chance to find games gets smaller.
However if I see a lot of young parents, my chances go up! Either they're selling their childhood stuff, which can be any of the 80's / 90's games & consoles or they are selling their children's stuff, which can be 90's and up games :)

Today, I had a bad feeling when I walked into the gym. A lot of old folks and the tables that had some younger people were mainly filled with second-hand clothes.
After strolling through 3/4th of the hall I finally stumbled upon the first few games.. 3 different FIFA games for the PS2 and some Need for Speed titles, nothing that i hadn't seen a 100 times already. (seriously, if i had a nickle every time i see a FIFA game.. I'd be rich!)
I was facing the possibility that I would go home empty-handed, when I came across a guy selling a Sega Megadrive with some games. Had a little chat with him about the system and the games when I asked him if he had any more games with him.

He did have some extra games with him in a box behind the table and

he pulled them up to show me what he had. In a glimpse my day turned bright! There were about 15 Playstation 1 games in the box, a lot of common stuff but also Wipeout 3 Special Edition and Theme Hospital!

I loved Theme Hospital as a kid ! Never liked tycoon games at all, but my interest for medicine and the over-the-top illnesses in this game made it one of my favourites. I remember it getting really hard after the first few levels, which prevented me from finishing it as a kid. However I now have a new chance to complete this game and become a hospital tycoon!

Let's cure those bloated heads and invisible guys!
Hey every0ne,

as of now i've officially opened the weblog! here you will find blogs by members about their gaming and collecting experiences!

Since the blog was only created today, don't mind the layout and visuals etc, they will be changed as soon as possible!

However, starting today you can find regular blogs here done by me (Xed) and other members from the Playstation collecting community at

So sign up and don't miss out!