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Appointed User Groups
AdministratorsReserved for Dain and Xed.
Global AdministratorsReserved for website admins only. Administrators are involved in day-to-day tasks for the site, such as responding to PMs, emails, moderator escalations, server maintenance, and general site upkeep. Due to them being incredibly busy, please do not PM administrators with general complaints (see Mod Squad next).
Global ModeratorsThe forum moderators are responsible for maintaining the balance and sanity of the boards. They're also here to act as mediators for transactions and other general issues and/or complaints. Check the current Mod Squad list if you have any questions or complaints.
Distinguished ServiceReserved for former site administrators and moderators who have graciously donated their time in the past to our community.
Hall of ShameThis icon represents a user that has had one or more questionable transactions on the site (or sister and/or affiliated sites). Exercise caution when dealing with users donning this icon.
Donation User Groups Wishlist or if you'd like to mail us something directly, our address is listed in the FAQ.
SonicDonations of any size, or a replacement for other donation icons.
 Bronze Level $25 minimum donation
 Silver Level $50 minimum donation
 Gold Level $100 minimum donation
Diamond $500 minimum donation
Feedback Groups
Medallion of Duty5000-9999 feedback
Coin of Certitude1000-4999 feedback
Ribbon of Reliance250-499 feedback
Circle of Integrity250-499 feedback
Chalice of Trust100-249 feedback
Chalice of Honor50-99 feedback
Gold Medal20-49 feedback
Silver Medal10-19 feedback
Bronze Medal5-9 feedback
Activity Groups
SunglassesUsers who have changed their username. This will appear on the left of their username for 30 days.
CakeUsers who have entered their birthday in their profile. This will appear to the left of their username on their birthdate.
BlogUsers with an active blog.
eBayUsers who have entered their eBay username in their profile.
New UserUsers who joined in the last 30 days.
Logged offThe user is currently offline (not logged in).
Logged onThe user is currently online (logged in).

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